StarWind VTL permits combat ransomware by means of putting in place Digital Tape Library saved on Disk pressure

For the ones of you who observe this weblog lengthy sufficient, that DR, backup, and restoration are subjects that we duvet moderately frequently. With the ransomware struggle taking place each unmarried day, no person desires to lose the struggle. However are we ready sufficient? Some of the final palms that you’ll get is a couple of backup copies and hope that the ransomware does not wipe all of them. Some of the choices is the usage of Digital Tape Library (VTL) which doesn’t want you to shop for a brand new {hardware} tape library and take care of tapes.

You’ll then use your backup tool to create a backup reproduction task and retailer an extra reproduction of your backups on VTL. That is specifically helpful when you need to split your backups and offer protection to your backups from ransomware by means of maintaining them “air-gapped” on digital tapes.

It’s also conceivable to arrange a cloud replication the place you’ll mirror and tier your backups to any public cloud and use any industry-standard object garage for versatile scalability.

Some of the answers in the market is to make use of StarWind Digital Tape Library (VTL). At the symbol underneath, you’ll see the answer and likewise the approach to setup a Cloud Replication. StarWind VTL will also be setup in two (3) tactics:


Your maximum essential information is safe from ransomware air-gapped on digital tapes in a couple of places. Robotically mirror and tier offsite to AWS, Azure, Backblaze, or every other cloud for max cost-efficiency and safety.

StarWind VTL Equipment

In case you shouldn’t have spare {hardware} to put in StarWind VTL you’ll go for StarWind VTL equipment which is the pre-deployed resolution ({hardware} + tool) in a field. Extra on this web page at StarWind.

StarWind VTL benefits:

  • Ransomware coverage – ransomware doesn’t understand how to deal with information saved on tapes. (for DR causes you must separate your backup server and StarWind VTL. Why? On account of 3-2-1 rule. 3 copies of knowledge, 2 other location, 1 reproduction offsite)
  • Safety and cost-efficiency – VTL gets rid of handbook backup procedure by means of transport Digital Tapes to any cost-efficient cloud and object garage the usage of commodity ethernet.
  • Undertaking-grade scalability – StarWind VTL scales capability the usage of object garage like HGST ActiveScale, Cloudian, Fujitsu Eternus, or cloud garage from AWS, Azure, Backblaze, or Wasabi.
  • 0-change integration into any backup infrastructure because of the usage of tape API, local to any backup tool.


There’s a Loose model of StarWind VTL which is restricted to 4 tapes and does now not supply native possibility. Additionally, there’s a PowerShell config handiest (with Loose PowerShell scripts bundled), however for lab checking out, it is simply very best.

Quote from StarWind

Loose VTL is designed for manufacturing functions, PoC (Evidence of Thought), or take a look at and building. Loose Digital Tape Library permits offsite archival within the cloud however does not retailer any information in the neighborhood. To revive or take a look at the backup, information needs to be first downloaded from the cloud garage. The overall model although, permits absolutely custom designed information retention, replication, and tiering profiles to stay the essential backup information on premises for instant restoration. StarWind VTL Loose ships with a collection of ready-to-use PowerShell scripts that can lend a hand customers to very easily deploy and configure the answer.

From StarWind boards, this is the setup for the FREE model:

1. Upload and setup an additional digital HDD (possibly unnessesary).
2. Set up StarWind tool with default settings. Solution sure to questions.
3. At the query the place to set the default garage pool. Choose the additional HDD (possibly needless).
3. Test Starwind Control Console that there are a server ( port 3261 setup.
4. Create an empty folder C:starwind
4. Open starwind powershell and alter trail to “C:Program FilesStarWind SoftwareStarWindStarWindXSamplespowershell”
5. Run CreateVirtualTapeLibrary.ps1
6. Test Starwind Control Console that there are actually a targetvtl1 and a vtl1 software created.
7. Open iSCSI Initiator.
8. Goto Discovery tab and Press Uncover Portal button and input and press Complex button. Native Adapter: Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Initiator IP: Default
9. Goto Objectives tab and make a selection the brand new goal and press Attach.
10. Go away default settings and press OK
11. Obtain HPE StoreEver Tape Drivers for Microsoft Home windows. Extract to folder.
12. Open Instrument Supervisor and replace drivers on every of the newly discovered tape units.

Supply: StarWind VTL


The entirety is in tool. The place others use proprietary answers, StarWind is in a position to leverage commodity servers and set up their tool layer to supply VSAN, VTL and different. I really like StarWind as a result of they maintain innovating through the years, increasingly more. And likewise, they adapt and include new protocols (How To Create NVMe-Of Goal With StarWind VSAN) and new applied sciences. There ain’t many distributors permitting you to construct a resilient cluster with 2-nodes handiest, third node is needed usually. StarWind is certainly one of them.

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