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Paul Lammertsma

On the most simple degree, drag and drop is a gesture the place a consumer can faucet and grasp a picture, textual content string or different information part, then drag it into any other app (or to any other location in the similar app) and unencumber, the place the information is included within the new location. This gesture is generally a protracted press on contact monitors or a click on and drag when the usage of a mouse.

A easy drag & drop pattern.

Whilst Android has lengthy supported drag and drop (DragEvent was once offered in Android 3.0, API degree 11), integrating complete strengthen for dealing with gestures, occasions, permissions and callbacks has confirmed to be complicated.

These days we’re introducing the Jetpack DragAndDrop library as an alpha unencumber to make it more uncomplicated so that you can take care of information dropped into your app.

Drag and drop is changing into an increasing number of related for enormous display screen shape components: pill and laptops, however particularly additionally foldables, the place break up display screen is used 7 occasions as continuously than on standard telephones. The facility to tug information from one app to any other is a herbal revel in for customers as they multitask extra successfully with their apps in split-screen or windowed modes.

Whilst dragging textual content from EditTexts is supported natively through the platform, we strongly suggest enabling customers to tug any pictures, information or textual content from different elements of your app. Simply as importantly, we inspire permitting customers to drop information into your apps as neatly.

Dragging from one app into any other.

DropHelper, together with DragStartHelper, makes it a lot more uncomplicated to deal with gesture strengthen, callbacks, styling and pixel-perfect alignment.


DragStartHelper is a software elegance in Jetpack core that detects gestures repeatedly used to start out a drag, reminiscent of lengthy urgent or click on and dragging with a mouse.


The brand new DropHelper is a software elegance that looks after listeners and drop goals. Remember to use addInnerEditTexts() when development DropHelper.Choices to make certain that any nested EditTexts within your drop goal don’t gain center of attention as an alternative.

Be informed extra

Learn extra within the Drag and drop information on Android Builders, dive into the massive display screen pattern to look DropHelper in observe after which test it out in alpha now to give us comments.

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