Growing HarmonyOS Software as Android Developer | through Jimly Asshiddiqy | Jan, 2022

Android x HarmonyOS

Neatly, the simple solution is that they don’t… However kinda is. As far as I will be able to inform, it truly looks as if HarmonyOs is forked model of Android. My corporate despatched me HarmonyOS software to check, so I simply run easy Android program on it and it really works.

So my speculation is:

As a result of HarmonyOS works the similar as Android, All of your UI/Presentation code will paintings as supposed in HarmonyOS gadgets. Such things as View configuration, or Process and Fragment , you’ll be able to use nonetheless use all of that.

Understanding that, my purpose is supporting my already-released Android Software for HarmonyOS with little amendment as conceivable. Which mainly imply, no developing new mission or repo or department (in git) for HarmonyOS, no downloading new tool if conceivable.

Talking of downloading new tool, Huawei have their very own IDE for growing HarmonyOS apps referred to as HUAWEI DevEco Studio. However I’m no longer going to put in it, however in the event you do… You’ll be able to obtain it right here:

Or in the event you’re being lazy, you’ll be able to set up their plugin referred to as HMS Tookit from settings in Android Studio.

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