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Is computer engineering proper for me? HOW Uninterested in Reading THIS ARE YOU Right NOW? You need to match the correct RAM to your machine. It can have an Intel Core Ivy Bridge processor and will use Windows 8 Pro as its OS. ASUS desktop computers are also a preferred selection for those on the lookout for an Intel Core i7 processor. This all-in-one desktop suits most typical each day calls for. B2C are transactions that sell on to remaining users. Following are the some examples of e-commerce. Ans: Following are the several types of online payment methods. Ans: Following are important causes of backup. Following are the some examples of on-line fee third get together organizations. Give some examples of on-line cost organizations. Following are the examples of cloud storage. 3) Explain the different types of e-commerce with examples. 8) Explain the several types of on-line payment strategies. It is a sort of electronic cost in the type of card issued by an financial establishment for making payment online without using cash transactions.

7) What is online cost? G2B are transactions by which the government pays a business. B2G transactions occur when a enterprise pays the government. C2C are transactions between shoppers. But it’s those interior mechanical organs that are so priceless and so toxic. Or What are the medium of transmission of computer virus. Following are the medium of data backup. List the medium of knowledge backup. That is the time when the info becomes most vulnerable to theft. Windows 7 permits you to change your printing and scanning options to get the copies that you want every single time. Time tracking functions let the corporate keep tabs on what number of hours every individual within the mission has labored on numerous phases of the challenge. This Dell has RAM reminiscence of sixty four GB to effortlessly handle all of your family’s files and software program functions. To protect information and programs which are damaged by a sudden energy outage.

Ans: A backup is a replica of a number of recordsdata created as an alternative if the unique information is lost or becomes unusable. Computer community architects design and build information communication networks, together with local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and Intranets. 4) List the application area of e-commerce. Ans: Following are the applying areas of e-commerce. There are following two sorts of asymmetric keys. There are two frequent sorts of residence networks: peer-to-peer and shopper/server. 3) Write any two characteristics/features of C language. Public Key: Public key cryptography is an encryption system which is based on two pairs of keys. If you drew the path of the incoming mild, it will just like the letter “W,” except with three downward humps instead of two. A form of pay as you go account that shops user’s monetary data, like debit and bank card information to make a web based transaction easier. On the again finish are the computers and servers that manage the overall project, divide the primary process into smaller chunks, communicate with the computer systems on the front end and store the knowledge the front finish computers send after completing an analysis. Tablets, in addition to smaller gadgets just like the iPod contact, have gotten fixtures in shops, permitting employees members to maneuver about extra freely whereas serving to prospects search for merchandise data or even checking them out.

Like personal computer systems, most workstations are single-person computers. Ans: Hardware safety refers back to the protection of computers from physical loss and injury. Use power protection gadgets. Outdated, lacking or corrupt Drivers may cause various problems along with your computer and devices. Private Key: The non-public key can be used with asymmetric encryption as a result of you need to use the identical key to encrypt and decrypt knowledge. The important thing to the sort of communication is growing a strong computer-mind interface. The most popular kind of Pc makes use of the Windows OS. Ans: Antivirus software program is a sort of utility software program used for scanning and removing viruses/malware out of your computer. Ans: Following are the several types of e-commerce. Ans: Following are the benefits of antivirus software. Ans: Following are the advantages and disadvantages of m-commerce. Ans: M-Commerce often known as as Mobile Commerce. Ans: E-commerce, often known as electronic commerce or web commerce, refers back to the shopping for and selling of products or providers using the internet, and the switch of cash and knowledge to execute these transactions. It is a transactions which are accomplished through the wireless units such as sensible phone, laptop computer, palmtop, pill, or any other Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

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